Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fire Trucks, Fanfare, Fun, & a Full Moon

...otherwise known as Andrew's birthday weekend, of course. I'll try to keep this brief; I already had to edit my photo choices, because there were about 300 to choose from. It was tough, lemme tell ya.

Andrew started his Saturday with gifts from Mommy and Daddy--his favorite being a Doodlebops "guitar" which is more keyboard than guitar, but Andrew LOVES it! He's working on his rock-n-roll moves in this picture--he proceeded to sling it around his neck in true star fashion. He even tried to smash it, because he saw Rick do that on t.v. the week the album came out. He even said, "Rick Springfield smashes his guitar," much to James' chagrin. Tee hee---have I mentioned that Andrew's original due date was Rick's birthday (August 23)? Had it not been for the stupid C-section...

We had to to to Hell...I mean, WalMart, to pick up the cake and supplies. On the way, we stopped by a spay & neuter fundraiser to check out the monster trucks (Grave Digger and something else), but Andrew was WAY more interested in the local volunteer fire truck. He wanted that fire extinguisher in the worst way.

After hemorrhaging, I mean, shopping, Andrew took a little ride with Mickey on his fire truck. We're all about cheap entertainment these days--who needs amusement parks when a couple of quarters and a ride to WalMart provide this much fun?

The party--great party! Thanks to all who made it by. Are these not the four cutest kids on the planet? I'm actually under the illusion that my house is sort of clean after seeing this picture--look, you can see Olivia's reflection in the table!

We encouraged people to donate to the swing set fund, but a couple of wise souls also brought actual gifts to open. Andrew had assistance from his little girl-friends Raegan and Olivia (he LOVES them both). We missed Grandpop, Grandma, and Aunt Leigh Ann, but unfortunately, Andrew's Aunt Anna ended up in the hospital in Richmond with some intestinal ailment that hasn't quite been figured out yet. We were kinda worried for a while, but it sounds like she's going to be okay. That also means the birthday bonanza will have to continue later this week.

Sunday morning brought birthday brunch at Grammy's house, and after a yummy meal of "eggies," bacon, biscuits, and fruit salad, Andrew had a blast playing with the grandparents.


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