Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback to ... last night

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Today's Flashback Friday flashes back to...last night. We attended the Penn State - JMU women's soccer game last night. While we normally don't go to women's soccer, this year is a little different. Our good friend Jon is an assistant coach with the Dukes this season. The game was on national television (Fox Soccer Channel). We get FSC, but forgot to put a disc in the recorder. Oh well!

Speaking of swag, Tam was kind enough to work with our pal Mark to liberate my new 4X JMU football jersey from the bookstore. Andrew was in his jersey. Mommy also sported some purple and gold. It made for a flashback to our years as men's basketball season ticket holders. One of the biggest highlights of the evening was seeing Duke Dog, beloved JMU mascot and personal friend of Andrew. The photo above shows the three of us sharing a moment. Yes, this is already our wallpaper. Yes, this will be my wallpaper at work by 9 a.m. today. Yes, I'll be e-mailing this to Andrew's fan club @ work. Yes, he loves his Duke Dog. You can even see his stuffed D.D. in his hand.

Andrew took a page out of my playbook from the '80s and decided to entertain the crowd with something from the MC Hammer catalogue. While I missed the best of his antics, I did manage to snap this shot while he did his cool-down routine.

We did see JMU score a goal, but Andrew's battery died just as the first half came to a close. We drove home and threw FSC on just in time to see that the lone goal stood up. The Dukes upset the #17 ranked Nittany Lions 1-0. Thanks to the ladies for putting on a good show and many thanks to Andrew for being such a good boy at IHOP and the game. GO DUKES!! ---J

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