Monday, September 15, 2008

~Happy Rickday to Me, Happy Rickday to Me~

We're celebrating my birthday early this year--it's my birthday---by going TO SEE RICK on the 27th! I'm sorry, I've typed that about four times already, but I just can't quite the emphasis or excitement right. So, WOOOOOO-F'ING-HOO!!!!

I was trying really hard to resist, because we really are completely and utterly broke, but the temptation got the better of me. With a little encouragement from James, I caved and bought the tickets. Not the cheap ones either, mind you. We have what I THINK are going to be kick-ass seats in a really low box right the corner of the stage. Balance out the height of the stage, and Rick should be right at eye level. Yay, me!

We've been trying to work out the babysitting arrangements, which are the wrench in the works. One set of grandparents will actually be in Va. Beach too, but don't want to tie themselves down babysitting. Their plans predate ours, so I didn't even ask. The other set of grandparents will be at the lake, of course, which is two hours in the opposite direction from Rick. So, Andrew might just have to go down with them Friday night and spend two nights away from us (something which has never been done before, not even for Rick) OR we might drive down there Friday night, spend the night, and leave for Va. Beach on Saturday.

The part that sucked was that we were going to have to leave Va. Beach and either drive to the lake after the show, or drive home and get Andrew on Sunday. I started thinking about how much fun James and I had in Portsmouth and Baltimore. In spite of the fact that it was RICK and the shows were incredible as always (not to mention a close-up Ricksperience of epic proportions in Portsmouth), we just had a blast...I started thinking about checking into the hotel, having a few drinks and a bite to eat, then going to the show, being able to have a few more drinks and not have to worry about driving anywhere, and then being able to spend the night in a decent hotel...anyway, that's right--I caved and just made hotel reservations in what I'm pretty sure is the hotel Rick and the band will stay in. Not just any room, either--club level, which gives us access to a lounge on the same floor as our room. Stands to reason Rick would be on that level too, right? It's not unheard of for Rick to do little impromptu acoustic chat sessions in hotel lobbies and bars, so why not in Va. Beach? It was too much to resist.

So, now we're one step closer to bankruptcy, but I get the world's coolest birthday present (which might make 37 a little easier to stomach). If anyone wants to pitch in, I'm planning to put donation jars in all the local gas stations and grocery stores. ---T

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Voice of Reason said...

Are there still tickets available to the show???!!! I bet if someone wanted a great fundraiser they could raffle off a couple of tickets. Just think of how many people would pay money for the chance to see such a legend!!! Enjoy the show and the b-day.