Sunday, November 02, 2008

BOO! The Halloween highlights...

Friday night was Andrew's first Halloween where he was fully up to speed on trick-or-treating. Last year, it was just a few neighbors and his babysitter. This year, it was ON!!
The costume was an obvious choice. The firefighter costume took almost a month to piece together. The hat, hatchet, and inflatable fire extinguisher were from Glen's Fair Price in Harrisonburg. The shirt and pants were from J.C. Penney. The "big rubber boots" were a last minute pickup from WalMart.

We had several stops on the agenda. First, we headed next door to see Mr. Lamb. Mr. Lamb is a card carrying member of the Andrew Fan Club and was happy to see us on his porch. Next up was a zip south to pillage a sub-division. Our third and fourth stops were back in Fort Vegas. Mrs. Baker, Andrew's old babysitter, was due a visit. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Silvio also requested a few minutes with a few minutes with the big boy.

Here are the highlights.

Here is Andrew with Mr. Lamb. The Twix whole wheat honey stix were TOP NOTCH! We'll be on the lookout for these at the store.

We were invited to trick or treat with our friends over in Verona. I promised Ali she could be on the blog if she donned the Darth Vader mask. Here you go! I'll also throw in a shout out to Amy, who was also promised a mention on the blog.

Next stop was Mrs. Baker's house for a quick visit. She was surprised I was taking pictures.

The last stop on the Andrew '08, wait, this isn't Election Day, this is Halloween. We headed to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Silvio's for a late snack.

And now it is Sunday night. Welcome to another week of hell. ---J

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