Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Famous Follower

So, we're back from our weekend at Nags Head and I'm taking care of all of the important post-weekend things--checking email, checking the blog, checking facebook...(notice none of those say doing trip laundry or putting stuff away---nah, that will take weeks), and I notice our "Followers." I know, I'm starting to sound a little obsessed by the followers, but it's really all about numbers. Remember my little freak-out of a couple of weeks ago? Well, I noticed before we left that we had lost another follower, which I didn't handle well the first time. So, we're back to eight, which I can't handle, it being an even number and all, but there was no time to address the problem because I hadn't even packed underwear for the trip yet. And again, even though my followers are near and dear to my heart, I could not, for the life of me, figure out who it was that had jumped ship.

But, back to today's title. Tonight I noticed, while Andrew was getting several days of beach gunk soaked off of him, that we are back up to nine followers. WooHoo! Even better than the odd number? Our most recent addition to the numbers is famous! She's a daily household topic of discussion here in lovely Fort Vegas, and someone we credit with teaching Andrew every single fire safety tip he knows...all you parents of Sproutlets will recognize Firefighter Dayna, currently a staple on PBS Sprout On Demand, airing between episodes of Fireman Sam. James and I were very excited, needless to say, and Andrew had no clue what we were talking about, other than WHO we were talking about. But, welcome Firefighter Dayna!

So back to the title...I say "first" because that makes it sound like there will be more. It's all about semantics, right? If Firefighter Dayna was led here by some twist of internet fate and couple of other posts mentioning her, then maybe other famous people will stumble into our neck of the woods too. The only way to find out is to talk about them, right?

And speaking of Rick Springfield--did anyone see him on the Mike Huckabee show Saturday night? Or just the show in general? I have nothing against Mike Huckabee, but I don't watch Fox News in general because they're just ridiculous. Rick was the only reason I was watching...and the only reason I sat through 40 minutes of Kathy Ireland's weirdness. Apparently she is very religious (fine, no problem with that) and has a book coming out--something about parenting and having time to do everything flawlessly (yeah, millions of dollars from Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues helps with that, right Kathy?). But while people (men) hearing Kathy Ireland's name tune in expecting the supermodel, the image she presented was far from that...let's see, how does Stepford Wife Meets Nun Meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers sound? Scary? You have no idea. I expected her, at any moment, to turn around and show the little wind-up doll thing sticking out of her back, or to take a sip of water and short out and start spouting Bible verses mixed with parenting tips in some nonsensical way. The whole show reeked of infomercial--rehearsed lines, cue cards, bad acting, hypnotized audience, lobotomized guests...until Rick's segment that is, which was refreshingly good. Rick made some allusion to the trouble his hands can get into if left unoccupied (hmm.......), and I expected the audience to burst into flames. It was just bizarre circumstances, and an odd choice of places to appear, but I guess one t.v. spot is as good as another.

Okay, so here are my goals: 1) always maintain an odd number of followers, and 2) attract famous people to the blog. Although knowing my luck, it will end up being either 1) attract odd followers, or 2) attract lawsuits from famous people. Because that's how my cookie crumbles.


PS--In the "Kicking Myself" category, also known as "Things I Need to Fix When I Invent the Time Machine"--when directing a school play, do NOT, under any circumstances, assume that you have used the correct date on the 300 copies of the program that you created and distributed. And if you choose to assume that they did, in fact, say 2009 and NOT 2008, do NOT bring an extra copy home in your pocket and lay it on the computer table for a week until you finally see the frickin' mistake that's going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

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