Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sometimes I Have to Rant

Some of you already know that I also maintain a CaringBridge site for my stepmother Edna, who was diagosed in January with Stage IV Lung Cancer. This is today's update for her site.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

As I was reading through comments that have been neglected lately, I ran across this one that Bev posted a few days ago. I don't know who said it, but he could teach us all a few things, I think. It seems most days as if the storm clouds are sitting right over us, and especially over Edna, who can't always see the sun trying to break through, even though the rest of us know it's there and coming.

I've had to use a lot of restraint lately in my personal and professional life. People whine and complain an awful lot about stupid stuff, have you noticed that? The lunch table at school is especially difficult, because I feel like people are missing the big picture when they're complaining about the petty stuff. They're healthy, they were able to get out of the bed that morning, they were able to go to a job they love and contribute something, they were able to play with their kids and grandkids, and most of all, they were able to go about their day without the fear and the grief that comes with a diagnosis like Edna's.

People with good intentions and good hearts make thoughtless comments, or even errors of ommission by showing public support or rallying the troops for so-and-so who also has cancer, but not mentioning Edna or thinking about how it affects us to hear things like that or to be publicly slighted. At the risk of losing my job or making major waves, I just bite my tongue. Maybe you know who you are?

Well, back to the intended subject...Edna's really having a hard time lately, something that I'm sure was exacerbated by the inevitability of her announcing her intentions to retire. Had her health still been good, Edna had no intention of retiring in the foreseeable future, so this must come as a huge blow. I know it does.

This storm will be a long one, and it's going to "rain" a lot before the sun comes back out. My wish for today is that everyone who reads this takes a bit of the energy they might spend griping about taxes, gas prices, or the jerk who cut you off at the stoplight, and focus instead on the great things you have and might take for granted. I need this reminder as much as anyone, if not more, trust me. And while you're doing that, pray (or whatever it is that you do) for Edna to find the strength to dance in the rain. I'll be there too--no umbrellas allowed.



Tobye said...

Thanks! I needed that. I have been wallowing in the self pity lately. Time to get out of it and remember that I'm blessed beyond belief and should appreciate it.

TeeTee said...

I have been taking a lot of things for granted lately.... and your post reminded me not to do that.

Thank you, it truly brought me inspiration.