Saturday, April 04, 2009

Whew! What a Week!

Okay, I don't usually like to do these summary updates, but for weeks like this, sometimes they just have to be good enough. These are the major things we've been dealing with or suffering through this week.

School play:
This week was the last week of rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland, and I had serious concerns about whether it was all going to come together. When all of the major characters forget lines during dress rehearsals, it's time to worry. But, we performed for the school assembly on Thursday and did well. The evening performance was last night, and the kids KICKED BUTT! It was awesome--they really took the pep talks to heart and wowed the crowd. But you want to know the best part? IT'S OVER!!! I get my afternoons back just in time for the weather to start being nice.

U2 concert:
Got tickets to see U2 in Charlottesville in October. I'm pretty sure the show will sell out, and I spent a very stressful 10 minutes online trying for the tickets. I panicked a few times because I had two $55 tickets and was ready to check out when they disappeared from my screen! I tried again, only to find that there were none left at that price level. UGGGH! Fearing the worst, I went up to the $95 tickets (ouch), and we ended up with tickets on the lower level just to the back of the stage. "The back of the stage," you say? YEAH, but the stage rotates constantly throughout (hence the 360 Tour). It will definitely be something to look forward to in the fall and for my birthday.

Married Life:
Today is our 17th anniversary. Holy cow, that's a long time! Nearly half my life! We don't have huge plans, but Andrew is going to Grammy's to spend the night, and we plan to go out to dinner. Eating out is always difficult for me when Andrew's not with us, because it's hard to just relax and enjoy a meal after being used to cutting up food, picking up toys, making emergency bathroom trips, and encouraging appropriate restaurant behavior in between sneaking bites of my own food. Alcohol will probably help that, though.

Andrew's Social Life:
We're taking the Big A to the local volunteer fire department for a visit today. Umm, yeah, we've already done this, but it's a different station. I'm so glad they publicize these open houses and anniversary celebrations. Pics will follow soon, I'm sure. After that, Andrew has a birthday party to attend at the park before we take him to Grammy's for the big sleepover and head out on the town.

Spring Break:
We aren't on spring break next week like most normal people. We used to get a week off, but would rarely actually get it because we'd lose the days to snow make-up days. In the last few years, our school district has decided to give us Good Friday and Easter Monday off, and we're guaranteed to have the days, which is nice. We're headed to the beach for part of the long weekend, then back in time for a family dinner Sunday evening.

Okay, I know this was a boring entry, but I haven't had coffee or breakfast yet and wasn't really feeling the inspiration to write to begin with. Today's update was about duty to my loyal audience and the need to close a chapter on a crazy week so I can move on. Maybe I'll have some pictures to share tomorrow. Happy Saturday!

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Sarah :) said...

Busy busy busy, aren't we?
But busy is good most of the time, isn't it? When you're enjoying the busy, at least.

That didn't make a whole lot of sense, but whatever. I'm really super tired, I think I may be getting sick, so you'll just have to kind of read between the lines to figure this one out. ;)