Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Six-Pack

1.  I can't decide if I am a genius or a moron.  I figured out two amazing "bloggy" things this week.  I figured out how to add my signature automatically to the end of the post (I had previously been copying the html code from previous posts into the new one--duh), AND I figured out how to post from my cell.   Not that that's very useful, at 100 characters per post, but I CAN.  It's good to check layout and settings possibilities every now and then.

2.  We have five more days of school until Christmas break.  Ahhhhhh...just the thought of it thrills me.  I love my job; don't get me wrong.  But there is NOTHING in the world like the vacations.  My only dilemma is this:  Andrew's preschool/daycare is open every day except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.  We're paying out the wazoo for those weeks anyway, and there's no pro-rated tuition.  How terrible does it make me if I send him to daycare while I'm HOME?  We might have to work out a half-time schedule and just take the hit on the tuition.  I'm torn between major quality time with my little guy and the possibilities of getting some crazy-productive stuff done around the house. 

3.  We went out for CiCi's pizza last night, then drove around looking at Christmas lights.  Then we stopped by my dad's for a visit.  I realized while were there that we hadn't been there since about the end of October.  Dad's been gone a lot, trying not to be home alone, and the family functions we've had have been everywhere else.  I felt Edna's absence profoundly...not that I don't EVERY day, but in her house...well, it was worse.  Christmas is going to be hard this year (understatement alert), but Dad is taking his new shopping duties in stride, and we'll muddle through somehow.

4.  The snow came and went, and was followed by a lot of rain and ridiculously cold temperatures.  What was once a beautiful winter wonderland is now a mudpit, and it's freeeeeeezing.  We all have chapped body parts, dried out sinuses from the heat, and staticky (how the HELL do you spell that?) hair.  I.  Hate.  Winter.

5.  My house IS getting CLEANED today.  Sound like a mantra?  I will have to repeat it to myself just like the Little Engine That Could:  "I think I can, I think I can."  Only it's "I WILL clean the house, I WILL clean the house."  My problem is that we've had to decorate in stages.  I can only fit so much into the evenings after school, picking up Andrew, fixing dinner, and "homework" and bath time for the little guy.  So stuff got dragged out from storage into the guest room, more stuff got dragged down the stairs into the hallway, and only about half of the decorations are actually where they SHOULD be.  Combine that with the usual crap-gets-dropped-any-old-place-by-everyone-in-this-house-clutter, and it's a real mess.  I WILL clean the house, I WILL clean the house.

6.  I could sit here and think profoundly about a sixth item for my post, or I could make my way downstairs, where the coffee is already on, and figure out breakfast.  Did I mention I'm staaaaarving?

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Tam said...

It is so cold here right now and rainy. We never have the heat on this early in the supposed southern winter. I usally still where sandalls and capris..UGGG.

I can not wait until school is out. I love having my son home with me. My son hates Kindergarten so it will provide a reprieve from the kicking screaming and crying I endure every single flippin day. LOL