Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Six-Pack

1.  Dreaming of a white Christmas?  Then you must not live in Virginia.  No need to dream here, folks.  Twenty inches and counting, the snow is supposed to continue to be heavy through tonight, and it's going to be really cold all week.  This snow will last for weeks. 

2.  School is OUT for winter break.  Yipppeeeee!!!!

3.  My shopping is not finished.  Heck, it's barely even started.  And the way this snow looks, it might be Tuesday before I can go anywhere.  Another great reason not to procrastinate--sometimes Mother Nature throws you for a loop!

4.  I just published three comments on older posts before I looked at them.  Does anyone know how I can  FIND them now without tediously poring over old posts and comments? 

5.  Andrew is, as we speak, singing at the top of his lungs into a microphone and playing his Doodlebops guitar.  (We're OVER the Doodlebops, I think...but he still likes the guitar.)  I love it when he makes up songs--he just narrates things that are going on, looks around the room and sings the first thing that pops into his head.  It's very cute, but it's very loud.  If this is going to continue, I'm going to need coffee.  Lots of it.

6.  James is LITERALLY screaming in excitement (why is everyone so flipping loud this morning?  Ugggh!) because he sent a picture to the Weather Channel and they used it this morning.  Very cool, but I missed it.  Now I know what we'll be watching ALL day.  Where's that coffee?


alisha said...

Have you read my blog lately? it has to "warm up" in Alaska in order to snow. So funny.

I dont know if this comment will make it to you. They usually dont. Maybe this one will be aided by Santa.

Merry Christmas!

alisha said...

Who said there's no such thing as Christmas miracles?


My comment made it too you! yay!

Tam said...

HI...O yes I have kept Tabs on we will not be heading that way this week.

I would love for my boys to see the snow but that will have to wait.

MY son has a wiggles guitar that he loves.

Merry Christmas!