Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

Things are off to a brisk start in 2010.  We have slipped back quickly into our school/work routine, and time is just flying by.  Which is good, because at these temperatures (teens), I don't want to linger in winter too much.  Here are the highlights of the week:

1.  We had our first snow day of the school year on Friday.  It was sort of lame, because there was only a dusting...we could have gone to school, and probably should have.  But, man was it nice!  Andrew and I were slugs all day long, which was a long time coming.  TV and naps, just like a snow day should be.

2.  Hubby and I are off the carbs again.  It's HARD in the winter...I think instinctively, my body wants to eat the carbs and pack on the hibernation pounds (please...I could live for six months on body fat alone!).  There also aren't farmers' market veggies and things from our own garden to excite me.  So, for the most part, I'm doing least all through the day.  It's when I sit down to relax and watch t.v. after Andrew's in bed that I want to eat the kitchen cabinets.  Small steps, small steps...

3.  We ran out of heating oil Tuesday night.  Our suppliers (why did that sound like dealer?) failed to come on Tuesday when they were supposed to, and after 10 degree nights and 17 degree days, and being home every day during winter break, we had used quite a bit.  The problem (well, one of them) is that there's no readable gauge on our ancient oil tank in the basement, so there's never any idea about how much we actually have.  Anyway, they didn't show up, we ran out in the middle of the night, and we woke up to a 46 and 52 degrees downstairs and up.'s hard enough to get Andrew out of bed in the mornings, but it was damn near impossible that day.  And taking a shower?  Yikes...coming out of the steamy bathroom was enough of a shock to make me run to the bed and jump under the covers soaking wet.  But then I just starting thinking about people who don't have heat on a regular basis, and what we would do if suddenly there were no more oil to be had, and ugggggh...there goes the anxiety disorder.  Stupid dealer.

4.  Earlier this week, I redesigned the blog again.  I don't know why.  Hopefully I can stick with this one...I do kind of like it...but when spring comes around, we might freshen up again.  Indecision may or may not be my problem!

5.  I love Fashion Bug.  I do!  I have shopped there for years, and they were one of my shining bright spots back in the day when plus-size clothing wasn't mainstream.  These days, plus sizes are available just about anywhere, but I continue to be at least partially loyal.  My one complaint?  Up until recently, the plus sizes were separate from the "regular" sizes...I could go straight to the left hand side of the store and shop myself silly.  I never ventured into the right hand side; there just wasn't any point.  Now, however, they have shifted their marketing plan.  The left hand side of the store is "dressy" and the right hand side is "casual."  And the sizes? Well, they're all mixed up.  I see why--hypothetically, you don't want to split the fat people off and make them go shop on one side while the skinny people go to the other side.  Like the difference wasn't already clear!  But you know what?  I don't CARE about having to shop on the plus-size side--it actually made shopping easier.  Now I have to sort through all the petites and size smalls to get to the REAL sizes on the back of the rack, and it's a PAIN in my ASS!  So, I told them, knowing they have no control over it.  I've gotta go corporate to get to the source of the madness, apparently.  Don't think I won't!

6.  Today is going to be a busy one!  I have a few hours this morning in which to get many things accomplished, but then it's "hit the ground running" time.  We're off to another JMU basketball game (we have season tickets, so there's been quite a bit of that going on lately), but beforehand, we have to suffer through will enjoy the Puppy Pound party.  The Puppy Pound party is the Duke Dog's (the team mascot) little club for the small fry, so of course hubby dear signed Andrew up.  I can only imagine what it will be like--Duke Dog, and (try to contain your excitement) the Chick-Fil-A Cow will be making appearances, and God-only-knows-how-many little holy terrors running around.  Shoot me now, please.  After the game, we're dropping A off at Grammy's for his almost-monthly sleepover so we can hit the town.  My favorite local band, The Reflex (80's cover music--you KNOW I'm loving that!) is playing at a local drinking/dancing establishment, so we're headed out with friends and family members to shake a tail feather.  I would be very surprised if I post tomorrow. 

Okay, off to scurry...happy weekend, everyone!


alisha said...

Annoying...I wrote this comment once, but it didnt go through...

Have fun on your night out. Have a drink for me too cause remember where I live there is no alcohol, no bars, no cover bands, nothin'.

I like the new look of the blog. I never change mine. Do you think I should?

Tam said...

YOU had me at FASHION BUG. OMG I have not been in a Fashion Bug since I left VA. NO NO NO they are not here. What is this no split sides you speak of? How could they do that? What are they thinking? I do not want to see a size 8 next to my size we will not put in print. Travesty...corporate...helllaaa yeah. Write and sign my name!

have a great Saturday...