Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

How is it that on busy weeks, I find time to post, and on slow weeks, I can't manage it?  Does anyone else find that they are more efficient when they have too much to do?  When I have nothing on my "To Do" list, I might as well slip into a coma, because that's about how much I get accomplished.  Anyway, after a slow week of nothingness in which I didn't manage a posting, here's the Six Pack.  Happy Saturday!

1.  I only taught two days this week!  Monday was an end-of-semester workday, most of which I spent in a leadership retreat (yes, it's as bad as it sounds).  Tuesday was a regular day--the first day of second semester already!  Wednesday, I stayed home with Andrew.  He has a little cold, and that was the night it hit--he had a fever for about 30 minutes, but the biggest problem was that he was wide awake at 2 a.m.  He wanted to play!  Anyway, a long, sleepless night followed that discussion, so my only recourse was to keep him (and myself) home sick.  On Thursday, I went to work, but we got out at 2:00 under the threat of impending bad weather, which did hit.  Friday was supposed to be the school spelling bee, which I am the co-coordinator of...we always schedule it for a Friday, because it ALWAYS gets snowed out.  Never fails, including this time.  So, it was a "rough" week. 

2.  Andrew knows how to read!  He already knew a bunch of "sight words," but in the last two weeks, he has begun to sound words out and decode them by himself.  He walks around spelling words to himself while he plays.  For example, if he's talking about a ball, he might say, "Ball.  B-b-b-ball.  B."  And no, he's not stuttering.  Tonight while he was in the tub, we were using the bath crayons (LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath crayons!), and he read the words zoo, at, sat, cat, mat, fat, bat, and hat.  It's pretty amazing to watch him sound them out and put them together as his eyes light up with excitement. 

3.  We went to Charlottesville last night with my dad to meet my sister for dinner and exchange some belongings that she either forgot to pack or packed accidentally.  We took the opportunity to visit Toys-R-Us and spend some gift cards that Andrew has received over the last year or so.  Charlottesville isn't far, but I have to have a reason to go there, and there never is one.  Damn Toys-R-Us for closing our local store!  Anyway, he cashed in on some villains to go with his super heroes, but not before trying to buy every Nerf shooting toy he saw, even yelling at one point, "It's nothing if it's not Nerf!"  No, he doesn't watch t.v.  EVER.  Anyway, in his excitement, he grabbed the first Nerf sword he saw and swung.  Unfortunately, one of my boobs got in the way of his fencing practice.  Wait, no...that makes it sound like an accident.  What really happened is that I happened to avert my eyes for a minute and the little bugger whacked me with the sword right in the WORST possible place on my ta-ta, if you catch my drift.  The store spun, I lost my breath, and I very nearly tossed my cookies on the stack of Power Ranger helmets in front of me.  Oh.  my.  God.  The pain.  Imagine fly swatter on bare leg.  Imagine belly flop.  Imagine rulers on knuckles.  Imagine...oh hell, imagine Nerf sword on ta-ta!  And I couldn't get mad--he believes the ads, and Nerfs don't hurt (b*llshit); nor does he KNOW about...well, you know.  Yeah, sure...laugh it up.  Meanwhile, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit remembering the agony. 

4.  I cleaned out my cabinets today...also a painful experience.  The cabinets under the kitchen counter are especially horrifying.  Some moron in 1958 decided that these cabinets should really just be open spaces behind doors.  If I could fit my fat ass through one of the doors, I could literally lie straight across from end to end, under the counter.  It's a nightmare for many reasons.  One is that hubby dear frequently puts the dishes away, and in doing so, he just tosses sh*t under there willy nilly.  Reason Number Two is that it's such a nightmare under there, who the hell wants to clean it out?  Raison Nombre Trois is that we have mice, and although we never see the damn things, they must have some great parties under the kitchen counter, because Oh.  My.  God.  The Poop.  The only way to do the cabinets justice is to pull everything out of there onto the kitchen floor, sweep the cabinets out and spray a little Lysol around (they're solid pine, so any real cleaning is out of the question/not effective), then re-load.  Is it any wonder that I actually pulled everything out yesterday, but it was dinner time tonight before we got it all back in there?  After, of course, matching lids to bottoms, recycling Glad Ware lids that have somehow lost their containers (maybe the mice ate them?), and cussing.  A lot.  The punishment for not putting items back in the right place?  It involves Andrew, a Nerf sword, and a swift whack when you're not looking.

5.  My youngest sister's boyfriend sent us all into a panic on Thursday when he hijacked her Facebook account and posted, "patrick proposed!  i obviously said yes!!!!" as her status update.  The ensuing 90-minute hysteria is too hilarious for just a six-pack blurb, though.  It will be its own post.  Needless to say, they are NOT engaged, which everyone agrees is a good thing.

6.  I'll end on a serious note, one which is weighing heavily on me uncle Bob, who has been fighting a brain tumor for the last 10 months, is not doing well.  I really wish I had gone to Pennsylvania with Dad and the girls last weekend, but I just didn't know that things were going to go downhill this quickly.  Geez, you'd think I'd have learned THAT lesson, but no...he's hospitalized with blood clots in his legs, which they're trying to dissolve, but he's in a lot of pain and saying that he can't take anymore.  It's a hard blow at any time, but to family with wounds that are still so fresh and raw, it's especially difficult.  Prayers would be appropriate, if that's your thing.  If not, think warm thoughts for us--sounds like we're going to need them.

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