Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

1.  Last Saturday night's trip out was a blast (was it just a week ago?).  In the course of an evening, I
discovered that pork bellies are delicious (I know, right?), and that fancy martinis with big floating ice balls in them go down way too easily.  I also discovered that it's possible to tell someone they're a douchebag with a smile on your face!  We danced, we drank, and we suffered the next day, mostly because of under-used leg muscles that were screaming from their abuse.  That should hold me for another month or so.

2.  The other drama club co-sponsors and I held auditions for our spring play this week.  I'm not ready to begin this process, because it's earlier this year than in the past, but I suppose I have no choice.  Starting Tuesday, I'll be knee-deep in dwarfs and poisoned apples.  Uggh.

3.  We are planning a trip to Florida in the next few months to visit James' dad.  It might be March, but it might also be June.  I have very mixed feelings about flying (most of them involving being scared, haha), but I also don't want to spend fourteen hours in a car with a miserable four year-old.  I started checking into trains, and it's looking like the AutoTrain might be a viable option.  It would still take 16 or so hours to get there, but we could sleep in our own little compartment, and it might be a whole lot of fun.  The coolest thing about it?  You load your car onto the train too, and that way you have it when you arrive at your destination.  Anyone out there with any AutoTrain experiences?  It's still a little expensive, but I figure we're paying for the convenience of not having to drive, of having the car be there with us, and it's a TRAIN TRIP, which is an event on its own.  We'll see what develops.

4.  I have been blown away by the messed up sh*t I've heard related to kids this week.  I thought I was beyond surprise at this point in my career, but I'm really starting to wonder.  The stupidity, the selfishness, the lack of concern for others, the lack of remorse, the overactive hormones (and not just the hormones, because those have always been they ACT on it!), and the lack of parenting ALL stupefy me...and it's getting worse every year.  And this is from the so-called "GOOD" kids.  Uggh, I don't even want to think about it anymore.

5.  My dad and my sisters made a trip to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit an uncle who is seriously ill.  I stayed home, initially because I was supposed to attend a business-related dinner with James tonight.  Child care was sort of an issue, but I didn't really look too hard either, because I hate to ask people to help out.  Anyway, I will probably wish I had gone to Pennsylvania, but I just couldn't make myself drag Andrew up there and back in a 24-hour time period.

6.  I am in love with Chick-Fil-A!  Until last Saturday, I had never even had their food, but they catered/sponsored a kids' function before the JMU basketball game last week, and I was hooked.  Andrew was given a coupon for a free kid's meal, so we opted to use that before today's game.  Wonderful food, amazing customer service (The girl walked around asking people if they wanted refills!  And said it was HER PLEASURE when I thanked her!  WOW!), and a very cool play area that won Andrew over immediately.

Public Service Announcement:  Did you know you can text "Haiti" to 90-999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross relief effort in Haiti?  No joke--I have confirmed it (and done it).  Your donation will be added to your next phone bill. 


Anonymous said...

Chik Fil A and the south....go hand and hand here. It is were all the MOMS MEET. Love that place.

HMMM It is not a bad drive from VA to FLA! Even with little kids. Well OK we drive at night when the kids sleep.

I have taken a train from DC to GA before and I loved it! It was SOLO and I got to read and eat dinner on the train and sleep! I loved it but I am not sure I would love it with my boys.

We have traveled during the day with the boys a few times and we just stopped along the way ...LIKE south of the border and looked at all the touristy crap and took picutes of the boys....they enjoyed it even thought it was so Touristy.

You guys will have FUN either way!

PS I hate to FLY in a big big way and avoid it all costs. Give me a car or train any day!

Tam said...

I have no idea why that came up was me Tammy at lollipops....hmmm weird.