Friday, January 15, 2010

Terribly Inappropriate Andrewisms

We spent the evening at my dad's house for a belated birthday dinner for my sister Anna, who is home from college for the weekend.  After pizza and cake, we watched her open presents and just sat around relaxing in the living room while Andrew played and Dad showed us tricks that he has taught his dog, Pooch.
Andrew climbed up into my lap to sit and watch the tricks.  James, meanwhile, was dozing in the recliner, and Anna was lying down on the couch resting because she wasn't feeling well.  At some point Andrew decided he was going to slide off of my lap and get down, but he went sort of over the arm of the chair on his way to the floor.  Well, something in the dismount must have gone wrong, because Andrew turned around to me, obviously in some sort of discomfort, and, holding himself yelled, "I just HURT my BALLS!"  Shocked, I hesitated for a second, trying not to laugh (he was obviously okay) while Dad and my sisters cracked up.  Apparently, though, Andrew didn't think he had been specific enough, because he followed that up with, "I just BROKE one of my NUTS!"  Sorry, but mama's laughin' at that.


alisha said...

That's hilarious...tell andrew I said thanks for the LOL!

And I really did LOL.

Tobye said...

I remember when my son first screamed out that he'd hurt his "nuts". It was in front of my parents, and I was mortified. (Plus, I'd never even heard him say that until he just busted it out!)

Tam said...

That is so flippin funny. I would never have stopped laughing!

I think you need a playlist. I am sure it would include Rick Springfield? LOL

Debbie said...


youarekiddingme said...

That is freakin' awesome! Love it!