Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Andrew goes to preschool in a church.  The schoolrooms, and where they spend the bulk of their time, are downstairs.  They go upstairs for meals and naps in the social hall.  Every afternoon, after I sign him out and gather up his belongings, we traipse up the stairway, which has a landing and changes directions halfway up, to retrieve Lion, who is always left on Andrew's cot from naptime.

Hanging on the wall above the midway landing is a tapestry depiction (a "blanket" as Andrew calls it) of the Last Supper.  Andrew has been noticing it lately, and he's had many questions about the men in the picture.  As we walk down the first half of the stairs, we're facing the tapestry, so we get a good look at it every day.

Yesterday we covered that it was called the Last Supper, and that the man in the middle was Jesus ("Oh, when he was a grown up, but before he died.")  Explaining what the disciples' jobs were was a little trickier, but he got that it was the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before he died. 

Today, as we were walking down the steps, Andrew wanted to know where the "Last Dinner" happened.  I was a little fuzzy on the actual location (I'm not great with my Bible details, as we've covered before.), and though my instinct was to say that it was in Jerusalem (anyone??), I just answered that the meal took place near where Jesus lived and died, in a land that was far, far away.   Andrew's response?  "Oh, you mean Chicago!"  Sure, that sounds good to me!