Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

Okay, I'm a huge, unreliable, no-good, jerkface liar.  There, are you happy?  Yes, I promised I would post.  Yes, I also promised it would be THAT night, AND that it would be something so deep, so thought-provoking, so worthy of your valuable blog-reading time that it would make up for the weeks and weeks of lame or nonexistent postings.  Okay, so it's two (or maybe three?) days later, AND it's just a dumb old Six Pack.  I suck, clearly.  Does it help that I had good intentions?  Well, this will just have to do.  I can't bear to make myself write the posts that are swimming in my brain.  I'm going to cry while I write them, you'll probably cry while you read them, I might hurt people's feelings, and I just can't make myself look at those worms yet, even though I know the worms are there, and they'll get out of their can eventually.  And on top of all that, I'm just too darn sleepy right now to be deep.  So here goes...

1.  We had sesame garlic chicken wings and seven-layer dip with tortilla chips for dinner tonight.  Andrew had a chicken wing and a peanut butter sandwich.  We're a high-class establishment, lemme tell ya.  The thing is, I would rather eat appetizers than a meal any day.  One of my favorite things in the world is having leftover party food to eat for the remainder of the weekend, and that's just what we did tonight.  The only thing I am missing right now is something sweet...and I think there just might be some chocolate or ice cream or something that can fix that. 

2.  Andrew is asleep.  At 8:12 on a Saturday night.  Un-freaking-believable.  He's been trying to set records this week for how late he can stay awake once he's in bed.  Several times this week, even though he's been in bed at 8:30, he's still been awake and playing at 10:30.  Last night, because we had our little party and a bunch of his friends were here, we didn't actually get him in bed until 11:30.  Shame on us.  But he's out like a light tonight!

3.  I'm either getting my hair cut tomorrow, or I'm hacking it all off myself.  I don't know which one it will be.  I think I'm going short for the spring.  We'll see...if I don't mutilate myself too badly, I'll post a picture or two.  Maybe.  Keep in mind that "I will" means "I might."

4.  My sister has a boyfriend that she really likes.  I think she's going to marry him someday, but she'll probably get mad at me for writing that.  You know why I think that?  Because they were FRIENDS first, then just started dating around the holidays, and because they LOOK alike.  I mean, their facial features and stuff are different, but you know how some couples (the BEST couples, usually) resemble each other?  Anyway, they look alike, and she's going to marry him...probably at the beginning of 2012.  And if I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat.  Or at least think about it. 

5.  I have a home improvement project slated for tomorrow.  The kitchen in our crumbly, ancient house leads in one directed to several pantry rooms which separate the kitchen from a downstairs "apartment."  We decided a few years ago to stop renting the apartment and use it as a rec room, so we've opened it all up.  One of the small pantry rooms is a laundry room, and another is Andrew's playroom.  The one that connects them is the actual pantry, but it also functions as a hallway of sorts because it leads to the others.  I know that makes no sense, but short of a blueprint, I have no idea how to describe it.  Anyway, the rec room has been refurbished, along with the playroom, but this MIDDLE room is still crappy.  It has brick-patterned linoleum in it that probably dates back to the late 50's, and the walls are a brown sugar color that has to go.  Anyway, long story short--I found self-adhesive vinyl tiles for about $8 a box (of 30 tiles) at a discount store, and I'm going to TRY to put those down all by my little old self.  We shall see what comes of it!

6.  It was 45 degrees here today, and I was ECSTATIC.  It felt like the tropics compared to what we've been dealing with.  I'm mourning last January and February when we had insanely warm temperatures and Andrew and I would go out and play in the sandbox barefoot after school.  Really.  We did.  Look at the archives.  I can't, because if I think about it too much, I'll vomit.  The good new is, it's the END of February.  The bad news is, we still have a foot of snow on the ground in most places, the mud is getting ridiculous, AND we're supposed to get another big snowstorm in March, if you believe those almanac quacks who have been scarily accurate this winter.  But spring is coming, and it better come fast.

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