Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday is NOT a Day of Rest

I should just stop saying I'm going to do things.  Invariably, they don't get done.  Not for lack of good intentions, mind you.  I always THINK I'm going to the get them accomplished.  Well, sometimes I think that.  Sometimes I know better.

So, what was the one thing I was positive was happening today? A haircut for yours truly.  I'm in dire need of one, and some Miss Clairol to boot.  But it didn't happen.  We didn't make it out of the house, and I resisted the urge to hack away at it myself, because I'd just be more unhappy with it than I am now.  So, let's just say that at SOME point this week, my hair will be cut.  I don't know by whom, but by someone.

Well, while I WASN'T getting my hair done, I was cleaning up the devastation caused by two 4 year-olds, three 2 year-olds, and a 6 year-old Friday night.  Every toy in this room was out of its assigned container and location.  It took me a good hour to find the floor and get everything back in the right place.
Oh yeah, and if you look closely, just beyond the playroom window you will see the 50 foot piece of ice-laden gutter that came crashing down this morning, while I was sitting in front of that window.  Scary and aggravating (along with mood-wrecking, if you're Hubby Dear)!

While I wasn't getting my hair cut, I was also doing THIS.
And finishing these.  (THESE, by the way, are the best thing EVER.  Who are they kidding with the "Reclosable for Freshness" on the front of the bag?  There was nothing left to reseal!)
And most importantly, I was doing THIS, which is why I won't be able to move a muscle tomorrow.  You're looking at the newly-installed self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles that now adorn the pantry floor.  Don't look too closely, because if you do, you'll notice that the corner and the strip to the right of the picture are unfinished.  Not only was I in excruciating pain from being on my hands and knees for hours, but I ran out of tiles.  Let'st just hope that Ollie's close-out store has at least one more pack of this pattern, otherwise we're in for an interesting look, because I'm NOT redoing this.  It was easy, but painful after awhile.
I also brought THIS back to life.  I love "dish gardens," but the problem is that the different plants need different amounts of water.  Those big elephant ear things on the right had wilted, even though it had just been watered a few days ago.  It's better now.
I also laughed at THIS...
while I was cleaning THIS... THEY would be happy and healthy.  Aren't they cute?  I could have strangled my father for buying these for Andrew, but I'm glad he did.  I've become very attached to them, and their tank light is a good night light.
Speaking of Andrew, he and I made THESE heart-shaped strawberry muffins together!  Yes, I know it's not Valentine's Day anymore!
I also read a lot of this book, which I have to have finished before I attend a book club meeting on Tuesday.  Book Club is an entire post of its own, but for now, I'll tell you that it's my FIRST meeting.  I'm a book club virgin!  There ought to be SOME things I've never done, right?  The book is good, but there are some parts that have been a little too poignant for me.  Several of the chapters are devoted to a middle-aged man who has lost his wife to cancer, and it rings all too true to the experiences I know Dad is having.  Those parts are hard for me to read.  I guess I'm supposed to share those ideas at book club? 
I also managed to do a couple of loads of laundry (no small feat, considering the dryer is broken), fix a preschool-friendly dinner of pigs-in-blankets, SpongeBob mac & cheese, and canned peaches, leave the downstairs in some semblance of order after coming up, get the kid washed and dried, explain to him the difference in boys' and girls' anatomies (yes, we DID have that discussion!), watch several episodes of The Batman cartoon and part of a JMU women's basketball game (Go Dukes!), AND write this blog post.  I. am. beat.

And I still have a shaggy head. 

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Tam said...

Your floor looks great! LOVE that Green in the play room! I will be waiting to hear about YOUR book Club post!!!! Sounds exciting!