Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

We aren't home much on Saturdays anymore, and I don't (yet) have the technology to post remotely.  It would be sacrilege to write a six-pack early and then just set the date for Saturday, so I thought I should definitely take advantage of the fact that we're home to add my two cents (or six cents) to the blogosphere. 

1.  I'm in the midst of fish conundrum.  (Does that make it a fishundrum?)  Poor Jiggah has been sick for weeks now, with occasional up-surges in health and activity, so much so that I thought he was getting better.  He's had medicine, he's had dietary changes, he's had a full course of antibiotics...and I finally have to admit it's not helping.  Damn, this should have been a whole post, because I can feel the ramble getting away from me already.  Anyway, we're left with a three-fold dilemma:  a) wait it out and let the fish die on his own, then tell Andrew and have a fish funeral; b)  assist Jiggah to his death in the most humane fashion, then have a fish funeral; c)  sneak-flush Jiggah and replace him with a lookalike and tell Andrew he got better.  There's no right answer!  I have accepted the fact that the fish is dying (I need to remember to vent my thoughts on this process), but I do NOT want to have the talk about needing to put him out of his misery.  And if Andrew knows the fish is dead (but not necessarily how it happened), then I feel the need to provide him with a funeral.  Unfortunately, Andrew knows quite a bit about death and funerals, and I just feel as though it would help him deal with it a little better.  So, we have decided to take the chickenshit route.  Daddy is on the way to buy groceries and a body stunt double.  I will somehow sneak the new fish in, sneak Jiggah the First out and murder euthanize flush him, and hope for an easy transition.  When it all blows up in my face, I'll be sure to tell you all about it.  Andrew, if you're older and reading this, I'm sorry I lied to you about Jiggah when you were four.  It was for the best.  I think.

2.  This post is being fueled by Fun Dip from Andrew's Valentine's Day candy, which is actually a huge basket full of mish-mosh candy.  Fun Dip is really terrible...I mean, I love it (and loved it when I was a kid), but it's pretty nasty.  A big stick of compressed sugar as an eating utensil dipped into colorful sugar that's like raspberry crack--how could one go wrong?  That candy basket is evil, and I might just put IT out of its misery too.  The bottom layer is candy from Halloween that was never eaten.  Valentine's Day booty got thrown in on top of it.  The top layer is from Easter.  NONE of it is anything good, because that all disappears ON the actual holiday.  Hope you're not looking for chocolate, because there's none in there!  Just Fun Dip, Pixie Stix, and the occasional pack of Sweet Tarts.  See a theme?  There's nothing wrong with those, I guess...but they don't do anything for me, either, and Andrew doesn't like them.  What's the shelf life on that stuff?

3.  Looking for good books to read?  Check out my Library Thing widget on the right side of the blog.  I've read some amazing books lately, and I've attempted to remember to add them all as I go.  You'll find that many of them fall into the Young Adult category, but (I'm young, right?) that goes with my job.  I've also discovered that just because they're YA doesn't mean that moms my age should pass them by.  Maybe that's one thing I can thank J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer for--mainstreaming the "genre."  I have a stack of about seven books that are brand new to our school library to "preview," which I love!  It's like having brand new books but not having to pay for them or clutter up my house even more.  Sarah Dessen is an author to check out.  Ewwww, no pun intended there.

4.  Steaks, roasted asparagus, and baked potatoes for dinner tonight.  Yum.  I think the whole world already knew this, but one of my new favorite things is to lay fresh asparagus on tin foil and drizzle it with olive oil and some garlic.  Lay the tin foil "boat" on the grill while the steaks cook, and let the spears get slightly browned.  It will be hard to eat asparagus any other way after that.

5.  Operation Fish Switch has hit a S.N.A.F.U.  Agent #1 reports that there are no fish that look remotely like Jiggah in all of Walmart.  Agent #1 refuses to make a five-minute stop at another pet store because he has cold groceries to take care of.  Agent #2 is going to have to go the murder and difficult discussion route.  Ugggggh.

6.  22 days of school left.  SOL tests in two weeks.  I have a few things left to cover in the curriculum before then, and some test-taking practice.  It's all downhill from here, and I am very ready for the year to be over.


youarekiddingme said...

Totally unrelated to the comic, I'm new to the checking my comments and publishing thing, so I totally apologize for not being very timely! After that very disturbing comment a few months ago, I finally figured out how to monitor the comments. Now I suck at publishing them.

Totally related to your post, at first I was horrified and bewildered that you had ANY candy left from Easter. Then Valentine's Day? Then HALLOWEEN? Then I kept reading, and all the good stuff WAS eaten. Whew. I can relate. I have a bag marked with Monkey Man's name and it has mostly Pez, some more Pez, and hey, another Pez dispenser. All from a Christmas stocking in 2008.

Keep on truckin' til the end of the school year. I think I have about 35 days left.

Tobye said...

In the end, you probably did the best thing, fishwise. Hope it went okay.

Tam said...

Books...I love books! OK RED TENT...LOVE that BOOK!

I however hated Going Bovine. I have to be honest there.

I did however love Libba Brays Gemma Doyle Trilogy!

I love Alice Hoffman!

I have read all the Sookie Stackhouse books well not the new one that came out last week.

Water for Elphants is on my bookshelf I just have not read it yet but have had it for like a year.

I have been on the waiting list for THE HELP at my library for MONTHS...IT is in HIGH demand and we only have TWO copies! I just can not pay that much for the hardback copy right now....LOL

I did get two YA books for 50 recently call Witch Child and the Soreceress by Celia Rees and they were not bad at all.

sorry I got all excited about your library thing!