Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clearly, I Suck.

Yes, my bloggy friends, I have been home and not working for four whole days and haven't managed one blog post yet.  I have no excuses, other than sheer laziness.  As usual, there are plenty of posts running around in my brain, but it's much, MUCH easier to just waste my few precious minutes alone on Facebook than to delve into them.  I will do better, I promise! 

We ran off to the lake last weekend determined to start the summer with a bang, but it turned out to be more of a fizzle.  It was a nice time, don't get me wrong, but all we really did was work.  The "lake shaque" sounds like a great thing until you realize that now you have twice as many little projects and home improvement details to worry about.  We did make a little progress, finishing a wall, cleaning off the roof, adding a receptacle, and relocating the fridge.  But the one thing that's really pressing, at least for me, remains unfinished.  The camper portion of our little hut has the typical camper bathroom, with the toilet that empties into an outside tank, which has to be emptied every so often.  Well, it's broken, and now dismantled, and parts have to be ordered.  The water isn't hooked up to the sink, either, which means to brush teeth and wash faces, we use a jug of water.  True rustic heaven, huh?  Don't think for a second that we have NO running water...that would be downright barbaric.  There's a nice sink in my sister's room and a really nice shower stall that was included in the addition.  The toilet issue doesn't really bother me...except for one tiny issue.  We tend to drink lots of beer and other things before bed when we're there, which means I generally have to pee like a Russian racehorse at some point in the night, and definitely first thing in the morning.  It's awful to have to dash to the bathhouse at 6 a.m., and even WORSE to have to walk there in the dark.  Alone.  In the middle of the night.  In the woods.  Are you kidding me?  I have seen Friday the 13th enough times to know that the bathhouse is one of Jason's favorite places to wield his machete.  My solution?  Turn on all the porch lights and go "pop a squat" in the back yard.  How's that for classy?

Since our return on Sunday, the little guy and I have been chilling here at the homeplace.  I think he's bored, because as he says, "There are no friends here to play with," and I kind of wish I had left him in school for another week.  But you can't argue with the money.  So, I try to keep him occupied as well as I can...but I can only play super hero for about five minutes without wanting to pull my hair out, and he'd role play all day long.  I'm limiting the amount of television we watch, and he's finding toys in the playroom that have been neglected lately, AND I'm forcing him to do educational stuff like practice his handwriting and reading.  But, I know I have to jazz up the routine to keep us both from going nuts.  Watching something, anything, that isn't animated on t.v. would be nice, and iCarly doesn't count, as much as we love her!

This is a big family weekend.  There's a memorial service and internment for my uncle Bob, who died back in January.  The whole northern contingent is headed into town tomorrow night, along with some southern relatives.  The service is Saturday afternoon, and it will be followed by a party of epic proportions, I expect.  Sunday is, of course, Father's Day, and we have two celebrations to squeeze into the with Dad, and one with my stepdad. 

This all leads up to Hell Trip 2010, which begins on Tuesday with our 3:00 a.m. departure for the only place less hot than hell this time of year--Florida.  We delayed a fall trip to Florida to visit my father in law, and then stuff kept happening, which pushed the trip into the hottest possible month.  Even better, we're making the trip in our tiny little Kia Rio, which I LOVE, but not enough to spend twelve hours in.  We will try to make it a non-layover trip to maximize our time with PopPop, but I just don't know if it will be possible or not.  The icing on the cake is Andrew's (and James') first trip to Disney World, which I am holding over his head (even to the point of using the stuffed Mickey Mouse to say, "Mickey's watching you!") to encourage good behavior between now and then.  I bought comfy walking sandals, and I've researched the rides and the route that's best to follow, but oh-dear-God-I-do-not-want-to-go!!!!!!!

I hope to post a few more times before we leave, but if I don't, rest assured that I will be tweeting throughout our voyage to hell and back, just so you can all enjoy the trip vicariously AND testify in a competency hearing when I snap under the pressure and strangle Goofy. 


Tam said...

I hope you are enjoying your Break from teaching!!!! Have fun!

You Are Kidding Me said...

I've been home for over two weeks (I teach, too) and not one post. Nada. Thank you to FB - or no thanks to FB. It's such a brain sucker.
I attempted doing educational things with Monkey Man for one whole day and he sat for about 10 minutes and decided I was boring. That kid should've seen the curriculum I planned for the summer! I'm still trying to decide if I sit him back down or just send him off to Kindergarten and hope for the best!