Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloggy Backlog

I think I may have mentioned that I'm a terrible procrastinator.  I'm also not very organized, I'm mostly unmotivated, and I can rationalize my way out of just about everything.  Among the many things that I neglect or put off (in no particular order) are housework, doctor's appointments, schoolwork, work for school, and lately, just anything that requires much effort and chutzpah.  I'm pretty sure it has much to do with the weather--although that just exacerbates a preexisting slacker attitude.  I may also have mentioned a few weeks back that I was mysteriously compelled to clean my house top to bottom, purge everything of little or no value, then paint and redo every last remaining room, and I got going pretty good for a while.  Then it screeched to a halt.  Well, let me give myself a tiny shred of credit--it didn't screech to a halt; it was more like running out of gas.  I went increasingly more slowly, lost interest in individual projects, moved on to other things before I finished anything, and then just puttered to a stop.  And stayed there.  Now I'm frustrated because the house is a complete wreck, there are little messes everywhere,  I STILL don't want to do anything, and more things keep jumping on to my plate, leaving me little energy and positive attitude for any of it. 

One of my successful  SORT OF successful projects was the purging of our tiny little storage room.  We have no usable basement, squirrels live in our attic, and we have no garage, so this little unused bedroom is critical to life as we know it.  From my sisters' childhood toys to containers full of baby clothes, crib pieces, Christmas decorations, mementos from our almost 19 (yikes) years of marriage and youth before--you name it, it's in that room.  And it was so full that I could not walk into the room without risking my life.  No joke.

Ugggh, Hoarders, here we come.

This is one half of the room in "before" mode.  The only reason I could take that picture, though, is because the other half had been cleared, but in my frenetic pitching and tossing, I forgot to chronicle the whole process.  The one thing I did sit down for, though, was to sort through the multiple cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins full of cassette tapes that the hubby and I had accumulated throughout our teen years and early marriage.  I wish I had counted them, because it had to be thousands of cassettes. 

See anything you recognize?  Well, they're all trash now, along with these...

and these...

and thousands of others that I didn't stop to take pictures of.  Nostalgia set in, quickly, though, and I took specific pictures of these fly-by-night bands that I had some weird attraction to in my teens, simply for posterity's sake.  How else will the world remember Gene Loves Jezebel and Wa Wa Nee? 

James saved a box set of Jimmy Buffett cassettes, even though we have them on CD, and I rescued these two precious treasures from the garbage bag.  Yes, I also have them on CD (and Working Class Dog on vinyl!), but these were present for the beginning of a long love affair, and I just couldn't do it. 

The rest have made their way to the cassette tape graveyard...or will, rather, once the flatbed trailer parked behind my house is finally full and pulled away for the trip to the landfill.  I told you we never finish anything, right?  Better make it soon, before I'm inclined to dumpster dive into my own rubbish and rescue Robbie Nevil. 


Debbie said...

Wait, wait! You got rid of Squeeze? Oh the pain of it.

Tamara said...

Debbie, never fear---we have them all on CD!

you are kidding me said...

Okay, 2 things:
1. YAY for the Rick Springfield cassettes!
2. I am a neat freak and like everything in order. That being said, I painted one of my bathrooms about 3 weeks ago. I needed to paint the ceiling, too, but didn't get it done the same day. Hubby taped off the top for me a few days later so that I could do the ceiling. That blue tape has remained there since then, and I haven't touched the ceiling. But now it's kind of all falling down from the moisture of the shower. Every day I think to myself, I'll do it tonight when Monkey Man goes to bed. But then Jersey Shore, or Glee, or Modern Family, or the 3 different Housewives shows win out. Priorities!

Anonymous said...

Shame, I would have given them to Goodwill or any other thrift store.