Wednesday, March 02, 2011


At night, when Andrew is unwinding and trying to fall asleep, typically he asks one of us to rest with him for a few minutes.  If it's the hubby's turn, he falls asleep in three seconds and snores so loudly that Andrew can't fall asleep.  If it's me, I lie there watching Andrew, trying desperately not to fall asleep and get stuck in there.  Some nights are faster than others, because as Andrew will tell you himself, "It takes me a while to get to sleep."

One of his nighttime rituals as he relaxes and settles in is nuzzling with his lion, which I watch from barely open eyes so he won't see me peeking at him.  He lies on his back with lion in an embrace, and he rubs noses with lion, kisses him goodnight, and sometimes whispers to him, just before getting into his final sleep position and drifting off. 

Tonight was much the same, only I was watching the fish in the tank across the room (trying not to fall asleep).  Andrew paused his nuzzling long enough to say quietly, "This is what we do before we go to sleep--we play the staring game."  ( THAT what you were doing?  Because from over here it looks like you're making out with your stuffed animal!)  He then returned to staring into Lion's eyes for a moment before saying, "Oh!  Lion blinked!  I win!"  (I'm giggling again now at the thought of this, which probably loses a lot in translation.)

Trying not to burst into hysterical laughter at what struck me as a Calvin and Hobbes moment, I whispered, "Andrew, shhhh!" in an attempt to get him to settle down and go to sleep.  Andrew deadpanned, "Why?  It's not like we were playing the quiet game!" and then turned over and went to sleep as I laughed my way out of the room.  I just wish I could draw comics!

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