Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday Six-Pack

Here's a Happy Birthday Six Pack to my Shmoopy! 

1.  I have laryngitis.  A cold three weeks ago turned, once again, into bronchitis, then laryngitis.  I HATE not being able to talk in a normal voice, and I absolutely can't be silent (even though people might wish it).  I woke up this morning sounding more normal than I have in two weeks, but then we went to the basketball game...and now I can't talk again.  Home treatments for laryngitis include drinking a lot of fluids and REST, but that's a difficult thing for me to do in light of my FANATICISM for JMU basketball.  It is my DUTY to scream my face off, including well-placed "WOOOOOOOOOOOOs" and heckles to the brutal CAA refs assigned to today's game in the form of "Invest in some glasses!"  At any rate, my throat hurts like the dickens, and we still lost, although barely (and only because of SH*TTY officiating---pardon the language, I'm still livid.)

2.  Today was Shmoopy's birthday.  I think the little guy and I did well in treating him today--I hope he had a good one.  We started off with a breakfast at IHOP (not very well though-out in light of later developments, but oh well--it was good) with my sister and her main squeeze.  We then headed off to the Convocation Center for our Dukes taking on VCU (the number one team in the conference, mind you).  I had brilliant inspiration yesterday and managed to pull some strings to get us on the VIP list, which allows special entry in a "room" with food and beverages, including BEER.  Andrew wasn't interested, but that let James go rub shoulders with the upper crust who can afford to donate $1,500 to JMU every year.  (I mean, we probably end up spending that much too, but just a flat donation?  Fuhgeddaboutit!)  He enjoyed some adult beverages and the ability to enter the inner sanctum.  As for the game...well, it was GREAT, with the exception of those couple of points difference in the score.  After the game, there was an Akeem Jordan (Harrisonburg native, JMU alum, and NFL player) bobblehead giveaway, autograph session with Akeem AND our Dukes team (again), all of which were successfully navigated. 

From there to Dollar Tree, because Monday is the 100th day of school and Andrew needs to take 100 of something with him to class...he wasn't too keen on the dry beans I offered, so we went to find pompoms and popsicle sticks (which ARE more fun than pinto beans, I'll admit.)  When we left Dollar Tree, something smelled GREAT, so we went for "LINNER" at the Boston Beanery, an old favorite.  I drank Dr. Pepper and helped Shmoopy eat the gigantic piece of Boston cream pie they brought him a complimentary piece of, and thoroughly enjoyed the SUGAR involved there.  Then, on to Walmart, where Shmoopy's present from us was picked up--a second "nunchuck" for the Wii, so that my guys can play Lego Batman with two people and argue about who gets to be the hero and the sidekick. 

3.  I'm getting excited about a trip to Pennsylvania next weekend.  Trips to Williamsport are always a good time, and I'm stoked to hang out with my cousins and meet a new addition to the family.

4. I am in the middle of a redecorating project in Andrew's room.  We decided it was time to bid Pooh a fond farewell and update it to something older...and since the current obsession (or one of them) is super heroes, that's the theme.  Nothing too tacky--just a full-wall cityscape mural, red and blue accessories, and some framed artwork.  Here's my inspiration: 
It will probably look nothing like either one of these when I'm finished, but that's what inspiration is all about, right?

5.  The Super Bowl is tomorrow, I think.  I have nothing invested in this one, and I'm not even really sure who the Steelers are playing.  But we'll watch at least some of it, and I'm excited about the Black-Eyed Peas at halftime.  And in a historical context, the skunks that sometimes live under our house usually make their presence known by spraying under the house and stinking everything up, so I will be holding my breath (no pun intended) throughout the game.

6.  I have not worked a full week since before Christmas.  First, there were the two snow days that jumpstarted Christmas break.  The first week back was short a day, I think.  We had two workdays in another week, I called in sick one day with the start of this cold/yuck, and Andrew was sick one day this week.  I'm taking Friday off for our trip, I'm sure we'll get at least one or two more snow days, parent conferences are coming up...and I just may see what I can do about continuing this record until our tiny little spring break.  Five days is just too much! 


alisha said...

What!?!?!?! The Green Bay Packers are playing in the SuperBowl. Hello? I've been a green bay fan since junior high.


You Are Kidding Me! said...

I just had a full week back at work (school) 2 weeks ago, and it was hell! haha! We also had short weeks since Christmas break because of all that snow. Hopefully warmer days are just around the corner which might make it a tiny bit easier to drudge through the Monday through Friday.