Monday, March 28, 2011

Thirty Day Photo Challenge: Day 2

I had to fire up the scanner for this one, which I hate to do, so I figured while I was scanning, I better make it worth it.  So, here you are--Buy 1, Get 5 Free.  Today's challenge?  Post a picture of the person you have been closest to the longest.  And the winner is?  My BFF (really), Ang.  (Soft "g" on the ending.  She's not one of the Siamese twins.)

My partner-in-crime, my compadre, best friend through thick and thin, and through 35 solid years of best-friendery.  That's us on my 5th birthday.  I think I must have overestimated the number of candles on the cake. I can see my uvula, for God's sake. 

Again on my birthday.  This time, I was turning 13.  Uggh, those glasses.  But I did just notice the mother-of-pearl switchplate on the wall behind us.  I had forgotten about those.  I'll save the house I grew up in for another post, and another walk down memory lane.

High school graduation.  I'm starting to see a trend in cheesy poses.  I did NOT graduate with honors, unlike my studious BFF.  In fact, I barely graduated.  Can you say, "slacker"?

Freshman year of college.  We were roomies for about five minutes, until I decided I hated living on campus and bailed out on her.  She recovered and graduated in a normal amount of time.  I didn't.  Can you say, "slacker" again? And uggh, the braces. 
My wedding day.  Complete with early 90's splendiferously poofy veil and undergarments.  Geez.  Still love the purple amethyst, though.  This blessed event took place way before I should have graduated from college.  Make sense now?
Last, but not least, the dynamic duo at our 20-year high school reunion.  Looking better than ever, if I do say so myself (couldn't have gotten much worse).  Here's to 35 more years! (Oh my God, I just realized we'll be 75 in 35 more years...well, she will.  I'll still be 74.)  Love ya, Ang!

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