Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thirty Day Photo Challenge: Day 3

Today's task:  Post a photo of the cast of your favorite show.  Ummm, okay...give me about five days to think about it, and I might be able to whittle it down to about three shows.  I need to clarify the directions, I suppose.  Favorite CURRENT show, or favorite show of ALL TIME?  Uggh, that's no help at all.  Okay, let's give this a shot...in no particular order...

M.A.S.H.  used to come on in syndication on weekday evenings.  Pre-cable, of course, so my choices were limited to channels 1-12, and one of those was PBS.  But, to this day, I can watch M.A.S.H. for hours.  I laughed, I cried, and I was probably exposed to things my brain wasn't mature enough to handle, but it was (and is) good stuff.  Alan Alda was probably the sexiest man alive at that point (Rick Springfield excluded...although I do see similarities!).
Criminal Minds is my marathon show of choice these days.  I can watch Mandy Patinkin OR Joe Mantegna episodes.  Granted, there are episodes I wished I hadn't watched (anything involving kids is too tough for me to handle, unless there's a happy ending), but I am always fascinated by the plot twists, the profiling, and diversity of the eye candy  talent.  I don't know how it's possible that three very different characters can be so appealing to me at the same time, but they are.  Derrick Morgan, Dr. Reid, and Hotchner are all such strong characters, and I want to be investigated by all of them.  Shame on me. 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  What can I say? I am a sucker for vampires (no pun intended, truthfully), and this show is in my top ten of all time.  I even own the box sets of most of the seasons!  It's campy, it's corny, it's funny, Spike is hot, and regardless of the big bad the Scooby Gang was fighting, it was good stuff.  I hear rumors of a movie being made, but it will suck (crap, there's that word again) unless the cast is the same and Joss Whedon is involved.  And now I even have myself convinced that I'm a dork.   
My So-Called Life.  Claire Danes has this show to thank for her rise to stardom.  Teenage angst, teenage angst, and more teenage angst...in the early 90's, I was close enough to my teens (and still very much in the midst of angst) to "get it."  The parents had their own issues too, so there was stuff for everyone.  Oh yeah, and Jared Leto--he was a hottie.  This show is another guilty pleasure.
True Love...I mean Blood.  I am anxiously awaiting the new season of this show, another campy vampire show.  What can I say?  It's funny, it's melodramatic, it's sexy.  Oh yeah, there's another tall, extraordinarily HOT guy in this show--his real name escapes me at the moment, but the vampire he plays is Eric Northman.  Alexander Skarsgard--that's the real name.  This show is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris, but I've restrained myself and only read as many of the books as there have been seasons.  Because I watched the show first, and there are enough similarities that there might be spoilers, I don't want to have any pre-conceived notions.  I'll read the books afterwards. 
I'm sure I've forgotten some (many) shows.  I didn't really start out with a theme in mind, but I can see a few crossovers or overlaps in the shows I chose.  The problem is, I LOVE television, and I enjoy just about everything I watch, from our newly-discovered Swamp People on the History Channel to Happy Days re-runs.  Choosing a few was just impossible!  I give myself an "A" for effort!

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Tobye said...

Loved Buffy SO much. I was devastated when it was over, but at least I had Angel to kind of keep up the magic.

And, we've been watching Swamp People too. Gold. Pure gold.