Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Tuesday Evening

I am grumpy and my head is killing me.  I hope the rain washes away the pollen.

I am sick of whiny people at work who have problems doing their jobs.  If you don't like it, go do something else.

I feel lonely these days. 

I was surprised to see a female coworker almost in tears today over not getting what she wanted.  I was appalled when my male coworker said that women tend to do that in times of conflict. 

I do not want to see a picture of the deceased Osama bin Laden.  I am glad they got him, because the world is a safer place.  I'm not out waving a flag and chanting, "USA," though.  It's not in me to celebrate someone's death, no matter who that person is.  It's not patriotism, it's brutality and bloodlust.

I avoided a close call with a Little Debbie Nutty Buddy tonight.  I had a bowl of cereal instead.  And then had to use up the milk in the bowl, so I had a little more cereal.  Ugggh.

My son narrated an entire movie script to me last night while he was in the bathtub.  No kidding--complete with scene numbers.  Some random romance thing between a guy named Jack and a girl named Ellie.  They meet when Ellie goes into the restaurant where Jack works to rest her tired legs and get something to eat.  Romantic comedy ensues.  I have no idea where this came from.  I recorded it on my phone so we can revise and edit together.

I mowed grass today for the first time this season...and felt like I was making hay, it was so long.  And our riding mower needs work, because the blade digs in and scalps the ground when I go over bumps. 

Some of my family conflict...well, the stressor behind some of the conflict...is now gone.  Now if people were just speaking to each other!

I finally finished The Historian!  I think I tweeted that, but I know nobody reads those.

Andrew still has candy from Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Halloween sitting around in a basket.  Not to mention Easter.  I tried to get rid of it today, but the only things he'd let me part with are the sour things--Nerds, Pez, and Smarties. 

I was really looking forward to Rick Springfield's Hawaii Five-O appearance last night.  Until I watched his character blown to smithereens a mere two minutes into the show.  Only to find out after the show aired that Rick had been arrested the night before for DUI.  Rick, sweetie...you are grounded.  Now get your ass to Virginia for a show, because Chester, West Virginia is just a little too stinking far for me to drive. 

It's bedtime.


Tobye said...

It's funny how even though I've never actually "met" you, when I saw the news about Rick, I thought immediately, "I wonder if Tamara knows?"

You Are Kidding Me! said...

Seriously, Rick. You probably have a few extra bucks to get yourself a driver. And there are these things called cabs. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Rick!
And, I too, am praying this rain washes away the pollen. Mostly because I want to scratch my eyeballs out they are so itchy! And my pretty new car has a yucky, haunting yellow glow to it.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Rick's career lasted longer than his Hawaii Five-o character. ( at least I think it did)