Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Whatevers

I almost didn't get this one in tonight, because I really kind of forgot that it was Wednesday.  Having Mondays off will do that to FELT like Tuesday!  I'm tired enough, however, for it to be Thursday, so I'm about to set a personal record for speed-posting so I can get my exhausted rear to bed to once again be bored to sleep by The Historian (Just when I thought that book was getting good, and I was actually feeling some suspense, she went and bored me again, and I had to skip about six pages just to keep me from ditching the whole thing.) 

In the past week, we have attempted to spend as much money as humanly possible on as few tangible items as we could.  I honestly don't know where it's gone, but we have been touristy fools getting suckered into all kinds of admission fees.  It's been worth it, though...I think (as I remember the gutter that's hanging off the side of the house waiting to be fixed because we "can't afford it right now").  These posts are coming up soon, I hope, but here's the short list:  Natural Bridge (I almost typed Natural Light---where is my brain right now?  Mmmmm...a cold one would be nice, but unheard of at 10:30 on a Wednesday night.), caverns, a Monacan Indian village, wax museum, Lynchburg Children's Museum, Easter egg hunt and festivities (including shopping and lunch), Smith Mountain Lake State Park, and the circus!  All in a week!  No flipping wonder I'm beat!

Andrew and his daddy riding the elephant.

Natural Bridge.  Holy wow.

Playing water gun assassin on the beach at the State Park. 

Oh yeah, Andrew lost his first tooth.  And by that, I mean it came out...and that he swallowed it.

Down into the pits of hell.  Yes, the steps are that steep.

Inside a wigwam frame.

Recording his first hit single the Children's Museum.

Met the Easter Bunny at Bridgewater Marina.

I'm pissed (how's that for a segue?)that Barack Obama has given in to the lunatic fringe and agreed to reveal his entire birth certificate.  I'm not going to rant too much, but if I have to listen to Donald Trump and the rest of the loonies out there who either really THINK the president was born in a different country or are just huge a-holes slinging racist drivel that they know the rednecks will believe ONE MORE TIME about that damn birth certificate, I will explode.  I want all of THEM to produce their birth certificates, too, because there's no way in hell they were born and raised in the same country I was.  I WANTED Obama to give them all the double finger with a nice loud command about what they could all do, but the interest of letting the issue die down, he's given in.  Maybe he'll say "Suck it!" after he hands it over.  How awesome would that be?  (That right there is why I will NEVER be a president of anything.  I like my temper too much.)

Oh yeah, we saw Rio last weekend too.  How could I have forgotten that? Our yearly movie was a good's really cute, and the artwork is beautiful.  I was happy that we saw it on the big screen, because all of the scenes set in Rio were phenomenal and just wouldn't have been as impressive on our television. 

Rick Springfield is going to be appearing on Monday night's episode of Hawaii Five-O.  I'm excited.  I'd be more excited if he were anywhere near the state of Virginia, but that hope is dying.

The family drama continues, unfortunately.  I don't know how we (and I use that term loosely, because THIS we has nothing to do with it, other than being stuck in the middle and just having stress dumped on me) got to this point...we aren't the family we used to be, for sure.  I know Edna would be crushed by some of the things that are going down, but I also know that if she were around, things would be different.  Well, some of them would be...maybe all of them.  I am struggling to find a good analogy to describe the effect her absence has had on "us," but I'm drawing a blank.  The best I can come up with is that the family is like a fence...when one post falls, the rest of the fence is still there, but it's saggy and weak.  The other fence posts try to hold the wires up, but the weaker posts are dragging it down.  Sooner or later, something's going to push through the fence to the point where it can't be repaired.  If the wires are cut, though, to relieve some of the pressure, the weak posts just fall down immediately.  Uggh, I don't know.  It sucks.

Okay, I'm going to go read, at least until I'm bored to sleep.  It might be a long night anyway, with tornado watches and Weather Channel text alerts will be coming in all night, I'm sure.  Here's to not waking up in Oz!

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