Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday was Mothers' Day.  I was treated to breakfast in bed and coupon for a "purple tree" from my two favorite guys, sent and received multiple mothers' day greetings from important people in my life, and stayed in bed so long that my back started to ache.

We met my mom and stepfather for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and for a few minutes, it seemed like Wayne was going to slip into his usual "point out all the negatives" habit.  You know, like, "The crab legs are awfully small," or, "In places like this, there ain't nothin'..." but he settled down, and we enjoyed a very pleasant meal, complete with two of my favorite things, crab legs and sushi.  Ming Garden is like a tourist attraction, with its indoor fountain and koi pond, and fish tanks full of ichthyic creatures (yes, I had to look that up!). 

Much to everyone's horror, I called this the sushi tank--but I was the only one who had actually eaten any.  What were they worried about?

Mom was pleased with the treat and not having to cook, and we left mention of my brother by the wayside for the afternoon.  I had invited him to go, too, in spite of the fact that we aren't speaking, but he chose to ignore the text message entirely and not show up.  He can lie in the bed he's made, though. 

I wasn't quite ready to go home after lunch.  After all, the house was a wreck, and if we went home, I might feel compelled to clean it.  We took advantage of the beautiful, although cool and breezy, weather to head to the park, where we ran into friends of the family having their own Mothers' Day celebration.  The matriarch of that clan, a really good friend, made some well-meaning comments about Edna, and that's where the day went south for me.  In years past, I may have been angry at her for not knowing when to stop talking, but I know her comments came from the heart and stemmed from her missing Edna too, so forgiveness came easily.  The damage was done, however, and I was sad for the rest of the day, in spite of some very lovely moments. 

The beloved swan couple at the park are now proud parents of these fluffy little cygnets.  (I did NOT have to look that up!)  I could have watched them all day, and was happy to find this video so that I can. 

Andrew was excited that the train was open for the season and took two trips around with his daddy while I soaked up the sun and wiggled my toes in the cool grass.  Some boys were splashing in the creek beside me, chasing tadpoles and getting their shoes wet...I had to resist the teachery, mommy instincts to fuss at them for their language when they yelled, "Oh shit! There are thousands of them!"

I saw lots of interesting dogs while we were there, and was struck once again by how many dogs look like their owners!  You know who you are!  One more reason for me to be hesitant to get a dog--although in my case, I suppose any bitch would do.

There was one more task at hand after leaving the park, and that was the cemetery visit.  I was primed and ready for a good cry at this point, and the tears just rolled as I sat on the granite bench and mourned once again.  Does it ever stop?  It's a beautiful spot, but my favorite tree is dying.  I will be devastated when it does, and much of the beauty will be gone then, too.  This tree hugs me and shelters me when I am there, and when it's gone, visiting will be even lonelier. 

We made it home, finally, to the Sunday evening rush to get things ready for the week ahead...dinner made up of appetizer foods and an hour and a half with the heating pad playing Words With Friends and watching a Harry Potter movie with the boy as he cleaned up the devastation of the living room and an epic Star Wars battle.   All in all, it was a good day. 

And as seems to be my running theme, very bittersweet.

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Tobye said...

Beautiful, and bittersweet.