Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"It Is What It Is"

I've been wrong before--
(although I try not to be)
Sometimes things get in the way
and do not let me see
the way that I should understand
that things have always been;
And how I thought they were,
they'll never be again.

A glimpse, a song, a memory
Can all take me rushing back
Remember words that were spoken
Things that made me respond, react.
It's never only in my head,
these things that people do--
the problem comes when I don't change,
and they don't follow through!

But a friend is just a person
with the same flaws underneath--
the fears, the joys, the weaknesses
that they don't let me see.
So when I blame them harshly
for options that they choose,
I need to remember logically
that I disappoint them, too.

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