Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wednesday Whatevers

Wednesdays are historically my pissy mood days.  I'm not exactly sure when it happened, or why, but it's a pretty sure thing.  I don't set out to be grumpy, and in fact, I usually make it most of the way through the day without crashing and burning.  But it always happens eventually.  In no particular order, these are the things making me want to holler for Calgon, a glass of wine, and a jacuzzi

My hip hurts 24/7.  There are nights when lying in bed makes me cry from the pain.  I have a referral for physical therapy I haven't been able to fill yet because there just is no time.  So I suffer and limp, I'm running on almost no sleep, and I don't remember what a pain-free life was like.  

I'm a "single" mom this week.  The hubby is out of town on business and having a grand ole time shmoozing with his work peeps.  Who wouldn't be?  A quiet hotel room, the remote (and bed) to himself, meals out, and social time with real people.  I just can't even imagine how wonderful that would be, for a while!

I, meanwhile, am completely frazzled.  I'm tired.  I resent having to both fix dinner and do the dishes and clean up, especially when standing is a chore.  I walk the dog before bed, convinced that bears or Jason Voorhees (or both) are coming out of our woods.  I have to rush in the morning so that everyone gets fed, watered, walked, and dressed.  I know there are people who do all of this every day, and more power to them! It sucks, and I wonder again how my mom did it all on her own for so many years.  

One bright spot today?  I added cinnamon to the coffee basket before brewing.  Swoon!  What a great idea!  Add some pumpkin pie spiced creamer, and I'm a happy coffee drinker, which sure took the edge off of the morning.  Repeat tomorrow, I think!

It's the end of the grading period, which is always stressful for me.  To add to the stress, we have a "workday" with no kids on Monday--the typical time to get grades entered into the system--but grades have to be in Friday!  No biggie, but I'm going to the safari park with the boy and his compadres that day.  Let the panic ensue.  Aaagghh!  Did I mention the 73 million papers I still need to grade?

I haven't finished a book in months.  I start a lot of them, and am, in fact, currently at various places in no fewer than four books.  I'm having an identity crisis--too many female protagonists are accomplishing absolutely nothing because I can't stick with their stories.  Hmmmmm...

My ginger snaps are no longer snapping, dammit.  It's okay, though, because the pumpkin dip is almost gone.

The news that one of the star players for JMU's basketball team has been suspended for fifteen games before the season even frigging starts was a real blow.  I can only imagine what the infraction was that garnered the suspension, but it pisses me off.  Yes, he's a kid, and kids do dumb things and always, always think they're going to get away with them...but for the new "face" of the team to screw up like this?  I want the adults in his life to do better.  He's away from home, and as far as I'm concerned, there's a certain amount of parenting these coaches need to be doing, both on and off season. I hope that's the worst news of the season.

Stinkbugs.  Enough said?

Welcome to Grumpytown.  I am your mayor.

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Alices Wonderland said...

Sometimes as a grownup it's so fun to stomp our heals and just be pissy. I love it.

Be good to yourself and remember--cinnamon toast and a banana on a paper plate doesn't make you a bad mom. Take care of yourself and cut the corners that don't count. Men can get away with considering ketchup a vegetable so maybe once in a while that's ok.