Sunday, September 22, 2013

Leaves are Falling...

Fall really is a beautiful time of year, at least at the beginning.  And even though it doesn't technically begin until 4:44, it's here. Crisp mornings that warm slowly as the dew dries, sparkly cobwebs draped across shrubs, and some of my favorite colors starting to appear all make it something to appreciate and enjoy.  Hypothetically, that is.

This morning, as I walked the dog, a murmuration of starlings was creating quite the ruckus from the tree next door.  I'm not a fan of birds in most cases.  Alfred Hitchcock took care of that for me--any gathering of the feathered fellows tends to make me want to protect my eyes.  But these migrating flocks fascinate me. They squawk and chirp in such a frenzy, then all stop abruptly at the smallest noise.  They are hidden from sight in the tree until disturbed, then, suddenly, they all get the magical bird signal to move.  It's amazing, but unfortunately, they caught me off guard while I was telling the dog to wipe his butt, and I didn't get a picture.  

My news feeds are full of people decorating for fall, and for Halloween (already).  We don't have to do much around here.  The trees decorate the yard, and the critters take care of the accessories.  Walnut hulls left by foraging squirrels having picnics, intricate webs left by all sorts of creepy crawlers, and a house that already looks like Norman Bates lives here all fit right into the atmosphere.  We'll add some pumpkins in a week or two, and maybe a fodder shock or two for good measure.  How many of you are looking up fodder shock right now? 

The windows stay open at night, and we're finally able to turn off the air conditioners.  The lack of constant noise from the window units allows us to hear the crickets, most likely those who have escaped into the house from frog feedings, and Baxter's sharp signal telling us he's ready to come in from critter watching/potty break.

My favorite clothing item has made its way out of the closet, and will be my mainstay until spring.  A zip-up hoodie goes with everything, at least around the house.  I don't yet need my slippers, which is good, since the dog ate one of them...and my flip flops will do nicely until it starts to get too cold.

Fall food is good too...sausage dip, pumpkin dip, and crockpot recipes are all favorites around here.  I'm not sure why we don't have these things at other times  of the year, but it just wouldn't be right.  They fit right in with the fall scents I've dragged out for the Scentsy warmers--cinnamon and pumpkin and apple, and all of the other food-inspired aromas that give us a false sense of a grandmother's kitchen.

Fall is not my favorite time of the year--you can read about that in the archives
If you'd like.  There are too many reasons to list here. I write this mostly because I was inspired by some of the beautiful things that greeted me this morning, but also so that I can remind myself to focus on the good fall stuff, before the doldrums set in too firmly.  Now, to dig out my favorite sweaters...happy first day of autumn!


Fonda Gardner said...

I love fall. I love the smells and the food. Bill made his German sausage and potato soup yesterday just in time for a surprise visit from PA.friends. Love the blog. Happy hoodie day.

John L said...

Not looking up "fodder shock"... I'm still stuck on "murmuration"!