Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Hours!

Thanks to Matt & Tina for hosting this evening's event; a good time was had by all, from the hot dogs to the "cornhole" (corn-filled "bean bags" tossed through holes on a wooden ramp) games to the roasted marshmallows at the end of the evening. Andrew had a grand time and occupied himself by playing cars with "Coach Jon"...
and blowing bubbles and playing with Olivia...
those two were inseparable and played really well together, as usual. They even made a potty trip together, which was the cutest thing ever. My apparently instantly potty-trained son was good enough to tell me both times he had to pee.
After Olivia and her family left, he amused himself just running around the yard doing "gymnastics," a.k.a. his imitation of Sportacus from Noggin's Lazy Town (which should have a drinking game to go along with it, in my opinion, because it's a riot) and playing with his cars. Thanks to Tina for saving the day by finding Lightning McQueen in the dark!
We're off to SML tomorrow morning (as soon as we can get packed and on the road) to hang out with Dad and Edna for the weekend. I wish we were cool enough to have a laptop and a wifi connection, but no such luck.

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