Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I ran across a fun contest at one of my favorite blogs, Outnumbered 2 to 1. The contest, November's Fantastic Write Away Contest, is sponsored by Scribbit, another fantastic blog authored by a mom living in Alaska. Anyway, it sounded like fun, so here's my entry (written at the kitchen table in about 5 minutes while Andrew watched Fireman Sam, so no promises about quality here).

To the family were issued invitations decidedly not formal

Hearing that few of them feared other obligations, finally we narrowed the list

As always, it seemed farther away than in reality; for this reason we procrastinated forever.

Not to be forgotten were Granny's favorite recipes--forever in our hearts and holidays she stayed.

ind words were spoken to family about the food they had contributed.

oon the frigid air of outside was forgotten as the furnace and festivities warmed us.

Gone were concerns about fights and frivolous matters;

Instead, the focus was on food and fun, flinging diets to the four winds.

ery shortly, football was flashing on the screen.

nstead of fruitlessly watching, fresh fall air was on our minds as we ventured forth to play as well.

Not wanting to waste time cleaning fancy plates, "fine" forks of plastic were furnished.

Gratefully, finally, we finished the feast--only the first of a few to be consumed.

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Scribbit said...

Clever! Glad to have you joining in!