Friday, May 15, 2009

Here comes RELAY!

Tonight is our area Relay for Life. I'm excited, have butterflies in my stomach, the whole deal. It's a big night for our family. James and I have been participating in Relay for Life for about 8 years; we skipped the one when Andrew was six months or so old, but we've been to every other one. It's always emotional, and I never make it through even the opening ceremony without bawling my head off.

This year, though, is even more significant. Our team is Edna's Circle of Hope, a tribute and support dedicated to my stepmother in her struggle with lung cancer. My whole family will be there to support her as she walks as a Survivor. We will all be there to light candles to support her as she Fights Back, and in memory of those who weren't able to. And we, as a family, are going to try to last the entire night, from 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. tomorrow.

We have procured a tent and a pop-up shelter. We have clothes packed for every weather possibility, and trust me, we'll probably experience all of them. We have money to spend at the booths, all of which will go to the American Cancer Society. We are taking sleeping bags and bedrolls for catnaps throughout the night. We have face-painting planned as our on-site fundraiser. We have bubbles to entertain Andrew, and a back-up plan for him to go home with Grandma if he gets too exhausted or wigs out.

What I don't have is energy. We've had SOL tests at school all week, and evening events for one or both of us a few nights. I'm trying to finish all the Harry Potter books before school is out (on a dare from kids). The laundry never got done last weekend because of Mothers' Day and yard work. My allergies have kicked in, I had a horrible headache yesterday, and I am running short on sleep. All I want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep, and be comfortable.

I'm not going to be comfortable. I'm going to be even more tired, and as the night goes on, I'll get that shaky, jittery, not enough sleep and too much caffeine feeling. I might even get a little nauseous. My legs and feet will hurt, my headache will come back, and I'll be cranky and irritable. I won't sleep well when I do get to sleep, and tomorrow I'll feel like sh*t on a stick. But, I will try my best not to complain, because all of the things I just mentioned will be temporary and will go away afer a good nap, a good meal, and a long, hot shower. But for Edna and the other Survivors whose battle continues, they are ongoing. And I guess that's the whole point of Relay--for me, and others like me, to be able to put themselves in others' shoes and walk for just a while.

Wish me luck, and check back for pictures, because I'm bound and determined to have fun WHILE I'm being miserable.


Tobye said...

You can do it! Best of luck, and enjoy.

Sarah :) said...

You're one heck of a woman, you can get through this! School will be out before too long, and then you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine, right?

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Thanks, you guys. :-) We did do it!

Sara said...

I'm so glad to here that you did that. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, so I know how happy you must feel about your stepmom.

Quick question: where did you get your blog layout? It's gorgeous!


TeeTee said...

Sounds like fun!