Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

I started winter break with great intentions of posting semi-regularly. Unfortunately, after the first few days, during which I was housebound due to the blizzard, the rest of break was a whirlwind. I realized today, that much to my dismay, there wasn't a single day when I just sat around and did nothing, and I'm crushed!  Anyway, I didn't make resolutions this year, because last year's resolutions weren't completely successful, but I am trying to DO things that I SHOULD, overall.  Maybe I'll make a concrete list later, but suffice it to say that it will include grand aspirations of posting on some sort of regular schedule, instead of just willy-nilly.  We shall see what happens.  For now, though, here's the latest Six-Pack.

1.  Christmas was good, overall.  We had a lot of good family time, and Santa Claus was awesome to Andrew and the rest of us.  For the first time in a while, we had wiggle room in our budget and weren't feeling the pressure of all kinds of financial gloom and doom.  KNOCK ON WOOD!  So, while we didn't go overboard, I feel like I was able to truly do what I wanted to for people for Christmas.

2.  I have this overwhelming feeling right now that I've forgotten something.  What IS it?  I'm pretty sure we went everywhere we were supposed to, saw everyone we wanted to, but something's just a bit off. 

3.  We have two new family members--Booty and Jigga.  Andrew's grandfather surprised him and his cousin Lilly with two goldfish each on Christmas Eve, complete in the cute goldfish bowl.  It turns out, though, that goldfish don't do very well in bowls.  They need a lot more oxygen than just plain water can provide, and they poop A LOT.  I was changing water every day, and they still seemed like they were struggling for air sometimes, so we invested in a five-gallon aquarium with a filter that aerates the water.  They are much happier (okay, I'm a dork...but they HAVE personalities), and it's much less of a pain in my ass, which makes everyone happier. 

4.  New Year's Eve was dramatic.  We have a family party every year--it's tradition, and this time we invited a few close sisters brought their boyfriends, and one of them invited her BFF.  We also invited a couple that we are close friends with.  Had I known the freakfest our little get-together would turn into, though, I would never have allowed "outsiders" in.  It turns out that bottled-up grief does NOT mix well with bottled-up alcohol, and once we popped the cork on the family nonsense, it just kept rolling for what seemed like hours but was probably only about forty-five minutes.  In spite of that, the majority of the evening was fun, and I paid heavily for it the next day.  Some of the issues brought up that night might have to be revisited under more appropriate (more sober) circumstances, but that's just how it goes, I guess.

5.  I am secretly (okay, maybe not so secretly, since I'm writing it here) hoping for more snow, soon.  I want some days to be a slug!  Sunday night would be great timing for me, because I do NOT want to go back to school just yet. 

6.  I got an iPod for Christmas, finally.  I'm not really sure what good it will do me, though.  I guess just having it is good.  I'm slowly but surely filling it up with songs from our CD collection, and I'm making a list on paper of songs I'll eventually get around to purchasing from iTunes, but I'm looking for suggestions about "must-haves."  Any ideas?  What should I buy, when I finally get around to it? 


Debbie said...

Oh my internet friend I have some snow if you want it. I would be more than happy to send some to you. We have gotten a foot since it started to snow on New Years Day.

Tam said...

Happy New Year! Liked your six pack. I made NO resolutions either! My resolution was to make NO resolutions so I will not be disappointed with myself at the end of 2010 when once I again I did not accoplish any! LOL