Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

Okay, I'm tipsy, but my fingers are DRUNK, so this might take me longer to type than usual, and it might have more typos.  Sorry in advance.  But not really.  Speaking of six packs, I drank one tonight, although it was scattered through different brands and types of beers and would NEVER be hooked together with one of those plastic evil things or even a cardboard thingy. 

1.  Happy SPRING!  Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how happy that makes me!  It was 72 degrees here today, and I was LOVING it.  I tried my best to get a sunburn, but I don't think it happened, sadly. 

2.  I am in love with Darjeeling Cafe in Staunton, VA.  Go there if you can.  It's a one-room restaurant in an old schoolhouse building--complete with gigantic windows, hardwood floors, and eclectic-ness to die for.  We've been there twice this week, and I'm enamored by the ambiance, the oh-so-friendly owner, the food, and the beer.  Love it, and wish it well.

3.  Weirdness of the week:  at Darjeeling tonight, my dad strikes up a conversation with a young couple with a baby that had been there all evening.  Let me clarify--the couple AND their baby had been there all evening.  Maybe that was clear initially, but it sounded weird to me.  ANYWAY, we found out during the conversation that this couple are our very close neighbors in this cozy little village we inhabit.  We can SEE their huge television from our upstairs windows (yes, I am aware that that makes us sound like stalkers), and their house is a football field away.  Anyway, they were the only people in our little hamlet that we didn't know, and for them to be THERE was just weird...there were only 15 people in the whole place, we ALMOST didn't go, and DAD had to strike up a conversation with total strangers.  And THEY are our neighbors.  Weird.   

4.  The annual stress of the school drama production is upon me.  This year's production is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I do NOT have high hopes for the production, but the loose ends are at least getting tied up.  I purchased last-minute costume pieces today, with the help of my able assistant, Andrew, and the final soundtrack will be spun tomorrow, if I can remember to do it.  Three more rehearsals and two productions to go, and I'm READY to be finished!

5.  I have mosquito bites already!  I received said bites on the last day of winter!  Damn those little things to hell--they're like skunks!  There is NO purpose in the world for mosquitoes and skunks other than to annoy the living sh*t out of me. 

6.  You guys suck at meeting Poetry Challenges.  Really, you do.

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