Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Spring Musings

Several days ago, I issued a Poetry Challenge.  So far, the only responding poem was from the most unlikely source, which was a pleasant surprise.  I did, however, promise that I was working on my own response, so here it is--written in about five minutes sitting on the porch swing on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Where are yours, faithful readers and commenters?

Quickly moving squirrels running spirals 'round an oak,
Joyfully singing birds laugh as if they've heard a joke.
Lazily-raking neighbor fighting last fall's leaves,
Now flying insects, though not yet any bees.

Shrilly squawking birds now engaged in a fight,
Sternly chasing others from the tree with their might.
Softly blowing breeze can't quite move the chime,
The season has changed, and spring's here just in time.



Tobye said...

I've actually started, but haven't finished. I don't seem to have any time lately. Is this an epidemic? Is everyone losing time like I seem to be?

Tamara said...

Yes, it's an epidemic. I'm waiting for my time to free up a little this week after the school play is all said and done. As long as you're working on it, I won't nag you anymore. :-)

Alices Wonderland said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...Us "Virginian's" have to stick together.

As for poetry, my brain is so friend lately I'd be shocked if I could write Haiku at this point. Maybe I'll string something together..but I suspect it will be snarky and possibly have some offensive words such as-

I love watching the spring flowers grow
But suddenly we end up with 9 inches of f*&^%$ng snow.

See, probably not so poetic huh??

Alices Wonderland said...

edit to my prior comment....the brain is "fried"..not friend...good greif..

Tam said...

Poem....HMMMM I have come up empty but did think about it. I think that is because I am in a bad mood. LOL