Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Six-Pack

I'm doing this FIRST so that I don't get sidetracked and forget about it.  I just remembered that that's the way blogging works best for here goes.

1.  The play is OVER!  I'm not putting pictures up here due to wanting to maintain the privacy of the kids, but it was fantastic.  Except for one little glitch with about fifteen minutes left in the play, when the laptop I was using for the soundtrack gave me a warning "BONG" and the message that the computer would shut down in five minutes.  Now, normally that would have been okay---we could have carried on without the sound effects, but the big dance number was coming up in about 2 minutes, and I nearly fainted.  Literally.  Thankfully, I maintained my cool and was able to figure out that the computer was set on "Home/Office," which meant it shut down at 8 p.m.  I changed it to "Always On," tried to get my heart to stop breaking through my ribs, and closed my eyes and made a wish.  It worked.  And the bonus of bonus--no one cussed at me this year!  I did get flowers from Shmoopy and Skeeterbug at the end of the play---gotta love my guys!

2.  We are off to a birthday party later this morning.  Our good friends' son is turning five, and he and Andrew are good buddies.  So, it's off to the bowling alley for some hilarity (and cheap beer...hey, it will be five o'clock somewhere, right?).

3.  I swear if I see one more Facebook post about 2012 coming, I'm going to scream.  Yes, the weather's been weird.  Yes, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are AWFUL.  Yes, the entire Middle East region is in chaos.  But, no, it doesn't mean the world is coming to an end.  Do people not realize that the earth has been doing this for millions of years?  Most of the stuff we hear about in the weather wouldn't have made the news ten or fifteen years ago, and it's only because of the intrusion of the media into our every waking second that we even know about this stuff going on.  Is it possible it's a prologue to the end of days?  No one knows that, not even the ultra-religious and the Bible experts.  And what are you going to do about it if it IS? 

4.  These people caught my eye this morning on CNN.  Parents Protest Peanut Policy  Yeah, that's CNN's use of alliteration, not mine.  But, it's NICE.  My thoughts on this, after seeing some of these parents and their protests--typical, TYPICAL of parents these days to get up in arms about something so TRIVIAL as their kids not getting to have a CUPCAKE in their classroom on a holiday.  Someone's LIFE is at stake, and efforts have been made to protect this child's life, and they're bitching about cupcakes?  The one lady in particular gripes about the time spent washing hands because they're losing instructional time--does she seriously think that ALL activity in a first-grade classroom comes to a screeching halt while the kids wash their hands and rinse their mouths?  The self-involved, spoiled attitude of some people kills me.  Have some concern for others, learn some empathy, and above all, realize that the world does NOT revolve around you OR your precious little darling.  (Stepping down from soapbox now.)

5.  I will buy a belt today.  I will buy a belt today.  I will buy a belt today...what's the big deal over a belt?  I have these great jeans that I love---they are actually not "mom jeans"--they're cute, and I love them, except for one thing.  They don't fit.  Well, they fit everywhere except for around the waist...when I bought them, I meant to return them, but they sat on my dresser for too long, past the return policy date.  So I was stuck with them.  And I like them, I really do---but the waist is ridiculous.  Whoever made these jeans decided that big butt=big waist too, and that's not the case here.  I mean, my waist isn't SMALL, but it's not as big as my butt, and I swear I could fit another person in the waist of these jeans.  And I don't own a belt!  Not one!  So, yesterday was casual day, and I wanted to wear my jeans to school, especially since I wasn't coming home until 9.  So, I put a rope through the belt loops and TIED my jeans up.  I did.  I'm not ashamed to say it.  But I won't do it again.  I WILL buy a belt today. 

6.  I am smelling bacon and coffee, so I think that's my signal to find my fuzzy slippers and hobble downstairs.  I would love to lie around and enjoy our last weekend at home for a few weeks--lake weekends start next weekend!  But, alas, there are many, many things to do today.  Laziness will have to wait for tomorrow.  Enjoy your Saturday!


Tam said...

Like your six pack saturday. I will say this...My second little guy has tons of food allergies. All nuts, ALL COWS MILKS and all fish/shellfish. He comes with an epi pen. I have been able to be at every single thing this year he has had a school. His class KNOWS he has allergies but they still bring things he can not have...still put snickers in his bucket at valentines....and I have been there to pluck it off. It is so hard and I sometimes just wish they would walk a day in my life. Just once see how hard it is on me and on HIM who can NOT have what the other kids have.. NO cupcakes for the other kids birthday or cookies or any special snack when it is the other kids birthday. I wish the other mothers would have to answer this question: MOMMY what does it tates like? Mommy why did you give me allergies? Mommy why can't I ever have a cupcake at school.

My child even swelled up just from coming in contact with peanut butter on a surface....BUT that is my problem..NOT the other parents they just look on and never think that for me and my son this is LIFE and DEATH....they have never had to use an EPI PEN or see their child swollen up and hysterically itching and screaming but they don't care. They only care about that their child gets to bring in cupcakes on their special day. And yes they should but it would be just once nice for somebody to stop and thing about the child that has food allerigies.

OK darn I got on my soap box...sorry to put all this here but I felt compelled is something close to my heart and my son's life.


Manic Mom said...

I love, love, love your blog. I think it's because I agree with everything you say. HAHAHA I should start a 6 pack Saturday. I used to do the 7 whys of Wednesday. I might start that back. It was refreshing.....